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How to Sell Products Online with a Shoestring Budget

Starting out in business requires the ability to invest your funds wisely unless you are privileged to have unlimited resources. If you plan to sell your product(s) online, the first two of the following are mandatory and the last is a good idea:

As your business grows, you may certainly need the higher cost, more complex services offered to fill the needs listed above. However, there are ways to be frugal and still implement an e-commerce program that works!

Don’t Throw Away Your Money On Fees Unless You’re Selling Product!

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or not, it only makes sense to spend your money wisely.

Then when you’ve gotten your feet on the ground financially and through trial and error have laid out your business path, you can move on to the more sophisticated systems.

About the Author:
Dannye Williamsen is owner of MindSlap! Solutions [4] and is known as The Solopreneur’s Coach. Visit her site for no-cost articles and resources in The FAST System. To take your business to the next level, sign up for the 12-week Intensive eCourse called The Success Model for the Solopreneur.