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The Importance of Accountability Groups

As you travel further down the road of entrepreneurship you may find it hard to stay productive, focused and on track. ┬áMentors are great at helping you overcome these obstacles, but let’s face it. Most mentors today are now known as coaches and charge a fee for the exact same support you can find in an accountability group.

I was fortunate enough to have a mentor my first year in business but once our year was up finding another mentor (one who did not charge) was like looking for a needle in a haystack. So I tapped into all my social networks from Facebook [1] to Twitter [2], from LinkedIn [3] to my Virtual Assistance Community and what I discovered was an accountability group of like-minded business owners that was the perfect fit for my business.

In fact, I find that the group collectively serves as a mentor, mastermind and professional resource. And more than a few times, they’ve helped me “keep things in perspective” (also known as talking me off the ledge). ┬áSo much so that I want to share a video with you from some of the experts in my accountability group and what it means to them and their businesses.