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Success Stories

Portable Hands is committed to providing the best in Virtual Assistance. We offer professional and friendly Virtual Assistance to our customers for whatever they may need. That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one customer after the other. Don’t just take our word for it. Be sure to read through our success stories, and you’ll see why we are the best in the business!

“Portable Hands has been our success partner since 2007 and has always taken a proactive approach to our continued growth and success.”

“From the very beginning, Portable Hands went to work helping me become more effective at servicing clients and managing the day-to-day activities of Long & Associates, LLC.  From appointment scheduling, calendar management, preparing financial reports, research, web site updates, and manning the phone lines to preparing & distributing my monthly ezine, Portable Hands has freed me up from running my business.”

“Portable Hands also stepped right in making sure all current systems and processes were fully automated and/or enhanced to ensure maximum results and continue to do a professional job managing this aspect of Long & Associates, LLC.”

“Working with Portable Hands has given me the leverage I needed to accelerate my business growth without having to hire employees.  I have gained valuable hours that I can now spend with clients or on business growth.  Portable Hands also streamlined my processes and now performs their assigned tasks better than I did myself.”

“If you’re looking for an executive level Virtual Assistance firm, Portable Hands is the way to go!”

Christopher Long, CFP ®
Long & Associates, LLC
Chicago, Illinois

Sarah Newton“I have been working with Katrina now for over a year and her professionalism never fails to impress me. I say to others that Katrina is my stress relief; in moments when I am losing my mind, Katrina just steps up to the plate, organizes me and gets stuff done. Her attention to detail amazes me and having Katrina by my side has allowed me to focus on new projects, while I can rest assured that everything is working the way it should. Katrina is just what every entrepreneur needs; a strong, safe base that will keep you grounded. She takes my ideas and makes them tangible and real, without much input from me, which is just what I need. Katrina makes sure I am where I should be, when I should be, and takes care of my clients with compassion and ease.”

Sarah Newton – TV Sar & Author
New Thinking for a New Generation
Northampton, United Kingdom
Discovery Fit & Health Channel TV Show: ‘My Teen’s a Nightmare – I’m Moving Out’. Check the schedule for air dates.

Diana P. Sikes“I’ve been partnering with Katrina for over 4 years now and couldn’t be more delighted.  From researching, setting up, and manning our online helpdesk and knowledge base to proofing and sending out my bi-weekly ezine, Katrina has freed me up from the day-to-day activities of running my business so I can actually build and plan for the future.  She keeps me on track with projects and deadlines, but is also flexible – a real plus!”

“Need accuracy, professionalism, AND a friendly voice?  Try Portable Hands.  Katrina’s a true professional.”

Diana Pemberton-Sikes
Newark, Delaware

Gladys Anderson“Hiring Katrina Chesney at Portable Hands as my virtual assistant was the best decision I have made for my business! I was impressed with Katrina’s organizational skill and attention to detail the first time we spoke.”

“When I first contacted Katrina, I was snowed under in a maze of autoresponders, article submissions, setting up my teleconferences, and more…  Katrina immediately helped me to see how to make necessary changes, implement systems and resources freeing me to do more writing, speaking and growing my business.  I highly recommend Katrina for all you virtual assistant needs! ”

Gladys M. Anderson, M.Ed., LMFT, CTACC
Coach for Your Dreams
Bloomfield, CT

Kasey ZanolliI have had the pleasure of working with Katrina.  She is a huge help as a Virtual Assistant. She is very responsive; she has very fast turn-around on work that I’ve given her. Her communication skills are excellent and she is a joy to work with!  I would be delighted to speak with anyone who is looking for a great Virtual Assistant.

Kasey Zanolli, Owner/Virtual Assistant
Ivy Virtual Assistance
Las Vegas, NV

Lynn Lawson“Katrina at Portable Hands has been fantastic for my business!”

“When I first began working with her, I was launching a new website and I needed lots of help getting traffic to my site. With her help, I never had to worry about just having 1 or 2 visitors per day. She helped me to distribute my articles to get free traffic to my site, but she did so much more for me, including giving me guidance when needed.”

“If you’re considering a virtual assistant, you can’t find a VA who knows more about getting web traffic and with better integrity than Katrina.”

Lynn Bethal
Publisher/Editorial & Creative Director
Lilburn, GA

Melinda Coker“Katrina has really helped me stay organized.  Every project I’ve asked her to help me with has been done competently and quickly.”

“She’s easy to work with and I’ve enjoyed our relationship very much.”

Melinda Coker, Owner/Internet Consultant
Advanced Internet Consulting
Tyler, TX

Stacy Mauer“Katrina has done a wonderful job with the development of Small Business Committee’s eNewsletter.  Katrina designed the eNewsletter herself as well as manages the recipient database, making it very easy for the Chamber staff. The eNewsletter is jam-packed with information and resources that are helpful to owners of any size business.  The eNewsletter has become a very popular member benefit!”

Stacy Mauer, Past President
Walker County Chamber of Commerce
Rock Spring, GA

SanciaMatthyssen“We partnered with Portable Hands in 2010 to help with marketing and operational support.  Katrina was up to speed in no time, thorough, on-time and needed little guidance even during the initial stages of our working relationship. She also was quick to adjust and manage to our preferred applications. We found Katrina to be extremely reliable, responsible and a fantastic communicator.  We’re looking forward to working with her again in the very near future.”

S. Matthyssen
Co-Founder and Co-Owner

Melanie Calloway“Before partnering with Portable Hands, I had no administrative organization or structure in my beauty salon.  Now I am able to efficiently keep up with client data, effectively schedule appointments, and keep an accurate inventory of all my beauty supplies thanks to Portable Hands. I would be glad to speak with anyone regarding the value of their services.”

Melanie Calloway, Owner/Cosmetologist

MGL Hair Studio
Chattanooga, TN

“I must say that I am amazed to find how easy Portable Hands made my life. I asked Katrina for some information regarding an upcoming speech I needed to present and she jumped right in and delivered all that I needed and more.  Katrina saved me so much time researching the information for me.”

“I would highly recommend her skilled professional services to anyone.”

“Thank you Portable Hands!”

Delynn Williams, Affiliate Broker
LaFayette, GA