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HandsWelcome To Portable Hands ®

Are you a self-employed professional or small business struggling with getting everything done?

Do you often find yourself saying things like:

bullet “There’s just not enough hours in the day.”
bullet “I dreamed of running my business, but my business is running me!”
bullet “I need quality time for me and my family.”
bullet “It’s too overwhelming. I can’t get it all done!”
bullet “Help!  I need an extra set of hands!”
bullet “I’m ready to take my business to the next level, but I don’t have time.”
bullet “I can’t afford an on-site employee but I need the help”

If you answered YES” to any of these statements then what you need are more hands…Portable Hands!

Portable Hands, a Virtual Assistance practice, provides executive-level administrative and technical support services helping self-employed professionals and very small businesses who struggle with getting everything done. Our services allow them to stayed focused on the BIG picture (profit generating activities, billing out more of their time, and increasing revenue) while we work behind the scenes!

What Do Highly Successful People Have in Common?

When you partner with Portable Hands, you will:

Get more done
Get more done in less time &
Get more done at a fraction of the cost!

If you’re ready to reclaim your life and you’ve realized that you can have it all…you just can’t do it all, then contact us today.

Additional Tools for a Successful Virtual Assistance Journey

It’s normal to feel a little uncomfortable when stepping into the Virtual Assistance arena for the first time.  As with anything new or different, you need to allow yourself time to learn as much as possible about Virtual Assistance before partnering with a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Frequently Asked Questions…by people thinking about partnering with Portable Hands.

New to Virtual Assistance?
Learn “How to Overcome the Face-to-Face Factor”

Learn the true cost of partnering with a Virtual Assistant.
Cost Analysis ~ Administrative Assistant vs. Virtual Assistant