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4 Office Procedures Entrepreneurs Can Easily Delegate

Entrepreneurship is made up of doing work you love along with all the other stuff you either don’t have time for or dread doing (i.e. managerial, operational, administrative & technical tasks). It can sometimes feel as if you’re wearing too many hats. And in most cases you are.

Here are 4 office procedures you can easily delegate to a Virtual Assistant (VA) to quickly get the help you need!

1. Purchase & Delivery of Office Supplies
Work with your VA to create a list of office supplies you regularly use. On a pre-specified basis, have your VA fax/email you the office supply list so you can check off what is needed and fax/email it back to her. Your VA can then order the necessary office supplies and have them delivered directly to you.

2. Purchase & Delivery of Holiday Cards
If you send holiday cards to your clients, let your VA purchase the cards and prepare them for mailing.  Your VA can manage this procedure the old school way via U.S. mail or by using a web-based service such as Send out Cards. *You can easily add birthday, sympathy, get-well cards, and gifts to this procedure.

3. Manage Voicemail Box
Your VA can call & retrieve messages from your voicemail box, respond to routine requests, and contact you with urgent messages only. Yes, it’s really that simple to get rid of that voicemail box full of messages and address only those needing your attention. Just be sure to determine when & how often you need your VA to check your voicemail box.

4. Use Your VA as a Safeguard
Make a back-up copy of your computer system and send it to your VA for safekeeping. This is a small task but well worth the effort. In the event of a disaster, all your files are located off premises.

About the Author:

Katrina Chesney is Founder & President of Portable Hands, a Virtual Assistance firm that provides leverage for small businesses.