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The Consultation Process

All successful partnerships are relationship-based and are NEVER entered into lightly! Therefore, spending quality time together is the only way Virtual Assistants and Clients can truly get to know one another. At Portable Hands, our stress-free guided consultation process not only focuses on YOU, but also insures there is a true connection and the right synergies present from the very beginning.

The Consultation Process consists of four (4) steps.  It is our strong belief that all four steps MUST happen in order for Clients to be truly successful with Virtual Assistance.  Click here and complete the form to schedule your FREE  consultation today!

Step One15-Minute Introductory Call

During this call we introduce ourselves and get a chance to hear each others voice.  You will also have the opportunity to ask basic questions about Portable Hands and/or the Consultation Process.

Step TwoUnderstanding Your Virtual Assistance Needs

This short assessment consists of 18 Yes and No statements and allows Portable Hands to ascertain the urgency of your Virtual Assistance needs.

Step Three Initial Phone Interview

Please set aside 75 minutes for this telephone call. This is an opportunity for us to ask traditional interview questions and discuss workload, workstyle, trust, collaborating, conflict resolution, time management, etc.  In general, these are the parameters in which our expectations and boundaries are set. This conversation will allow you to make a decision about moving forward in the Consultation Process.

Step FourMoving Forward

For this call you will need to set aside 90 minutes. During this call, we will review your Client Welcome Packet and discuss deadlines for completing and returning any necessary forms.  We will also discuss systems for information sharing, communication, weekly meetings, an official Business Support Plan, and the date Virtual Assistance services will begin.