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Pursuing Your Dream is ALL About Passion: Just Ask Lauren Alaina

Do you sometimes feel like the entrepreneur who is always competing with the big guy? Like the little guy whose voice is often lost in the constant buzz of mass media and marketing?

If you really and truly want to be a successful entrepreneur, or whatever your heart desires, you must first be passionate about your dream. Just like 15 year old Lauren Alaina, of Rossville Georgia, whose American Idol Nashville audition aired last night. She didn’t let the mere thought of the hugely successful Beyonces and Lady GaGas of the world stunt her passion to sing. Singing is what she loves, is very passionate about and is her natural God-given talent. It’s WHO she is!

After last night’s episode of American Idol, my phone began ringing off the hook when Lauren Alaina received the last golden ticket of the day to Hollywood.

For those of you who may not know, Rossville Georgia is where I live and it’s a simple little town with sports being the biggest past time. Everyone knows eveyone.

I am good friends with one of Lauren Alaina’s neighbors, and as we chatted on the phone last night she recalled Lauren Alaina always singing since a very young child. Anywhere was a stage for her whether she was outside playing with neighborhood kids or just hanging out and singing with her cousin Holly. Talk about PASSION!

Here’s a clip of Lauren Alaina’s American Idol Nashville audition from last night. I’m not making this up, this young lady can really sing! Randy said she was the best they had seen all day, J-Lo cried, and Steven Tyler joined Lauren Alaina in singing a short duet of one of HIS songs!

As you watch this clip, ask yourself one question. Are you passionate about pursing your dream or have you become stuck and unfocused?

Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you in helping you to realize your dream? Lauren Alaina’s passion to sing landed her a golden ticket to Hollywood! Where will your passion lead you? Contact me directly to schedule a free 30-min consultation where we’ll explore enhancement techniques that can transform your passionate dreams into reality.

About the Author:

Katrina Chesney is Founder & President of Portable Hands, a Virtual Assistance firm that provides leverage for small businesses.


2 Responses to “Pursuing Your Dream is ALL About Passion: Just Ask Lauren Alaina”
  1. Gladys says:

    Katrina, this is a great reminder to never give up on your dream! I’m sure everyone in your town is very proud of Lauren.

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