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Take the Pain Out of Finding Speaking Engagements

If you are a public speaker then no doubt you are always on a quest to find more speaking engagements and opportunities.

What if someone else did all the leg work for you and all you had to do was follow-up with the prospect(s)?

Sounds too good to be true but it’s very possible! I will show you how to eliminate the time you spend locating speaking engagements while increasing your public speaking opportunities.

The steps are fairly simple, involve the support of a qualified Virtual Assistant, and are outlined below.

  1. Email your Virtual Assistant a list of organizations you would like to contact or send speaking proposals.
  2. Your Virtual Assistant will use the list of organizations you provided to conduct both on-line and off-line searches to locate local/national chapters, contact names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, meeting times and upcoming events.
  3. Your Virtual Assistant will compile the data into a spreadsheet and email it to you and…Voila! The leg work has been done!
  4. You now have a list you can quickly skim to identify those organizations you would like to contact about potential speaking engagements.

Note: Be sure your Virtual Assistant determines the preferred mode of contact for each organization. Some will require email contact, some will require to be contacted via phone, while others will request proposals or press kits.  It is also a good idea to have your press kit ready along with a sample proposal that can be easily tailored based on the organization you are contacting.

About the Author:

Katrina Chesney is Founder & President of Portable Hands, a Virtual Assistance firm that provides leverage for small businesses.

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